fotografia documentaria per famiglie

Documentary family and vacation photographer

Sara Paolucci Reportage per Famiglie

How valuable are your memories?

the first breath,

the first hours of life,

a winter walk on the beach,

the first sleep-over with friends,

the bond and fights among brothers,

a surprise Mommy kiss and hug attack,

games with daddy ,

a grandfather's love and affection



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Sara Paolucci Reportage per Famiglie

What is family documentary photography?

It’s the visual story of our lives without filters or directions from the photographer, because life with children is amazing, because our days are full of small, extraordinary moments. And it doesn’t matter how tiring or chaotic our life may be, within a few years we’d like to REMEMBER those moments.


Documentary family photography and family reportage are the visual legacy of your life

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Sara Paolucci reportage per famiglie

When to book a family photography session?

Book it for a normal day or one of those special days in your life; a birthday party, a day trip, a day at the beach, your once in a lifetime vacation, an afternoon visiting grandparents: there are no rules. Let’s leaf through our childhood albums: what are our favourite pictures? Which ones are missing? What memories would we like to make for our family today?



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A photography shooting is an amazing birthday/baptism/baby shower gift, a beautiful way to tell someone how much we love him/her. Memories are an invaluable gift. Let’s get in touch and talk about it!